A family business and an independent house

A family business and a French institution, our House has dedicated itself to the noble craft of champagne-making since 1859.

Following in the footsteps of Carol, our “lady of champagne”, her three sons Julien, Charles and Louis have now come on board to perpetuate the house spirit. Together, they produce champagnes that are the essence of finesse, lightness and elegance, champagnes that speak right to the heart of professionals and consumers alike. Champagnes that not only respect the terroir but exalt it. Champagnes that champion the French tradition of creativity whilst looking to the future with the next generation of passionate gourmets leading the world of gastronomy.

An exemption estate

Responsible for 200 hectares of sustainably-farmed vines, Duval-Leroy supplements our supply with meticulously selected grapes, predominantly Premier and Grand Cru, unheard of in Champagne. The estate is a family treasure that Duval-Leroy strives to protect and enrich with all efforts to guarantee the continuity of the house style.
The knowledge handed down through six generations of the Duval-Leroy family has allowed to demarcate vineyards to the finest level by creating micro-plots, which express the infinite complexity of the terroirs. The Précieuses Parcelles collection is one important fruit of this precise approach.


Une vinification unique

The utmost care with which Duval-Leroy vines are tended is coupled with a unique winemaking process, one that promotes innovation and independence. To safeguard and develop its house style, Duval-Leroy has invested in the resources to do everything “by its own hand”, in the manner of an haute couture fashion designer. This state-of-the-art winery reflects the modern approach always championed by the house. Instrumental in upholding its style, it allows to produce wines in small volumes in order to optimise our micro-plot method.